Welcome to the 5th Issue of The Best of Northwest Arkansas, Top 10.   We are thrilled with how well this project has been embraced and supported by the  Northwest Arkansas community and its visitors.  Our print and online magazine attracts more than 50,000 visitors to our website every month.  

The number one question from readers is how do we determine who is in the Top 10. Truthfully, it isn’t an easy task to determine the winners each quarter. Listees are determined by a proprietary formula based on thousands of online reviews, select reader polls and the covert experiences of NWATravelGuide.com’s street team. These three entirely different research avenues provide ultimate integrity, and accurately yield the Top 10 in any particular category.

Bottom line, this means a business can’t pay to be on a Top 10 list. Yes, advertising is sold, but that does not buy a listing in the Top 10. The magazine was created to spotlight the Best of Northwest Arkansas, and to share those findings with local residents and visitors. If we let our advertisers be the guide for who makes the Top 10, then, only the businesses with the biggest budgets would make the list. Our principled system leaves plenty of room for the little guy, the mom and pop businesses.

We have the pleasure of playing host to many guests traveling to Northwest Arkansas to get a taste, a glimpse of what we write about. They want to see for themselves if it what we say about NWA is true. They want to know if any place can be this beautiful and yet be so full of world-class restaurants and amazing, breathtaking attractions. When making reservations for our guests and coming up with their tentative itineraries, I realized that the Best of NWA, Top 10 Magazine was doing the job that we work so diligently to accomplish. It’s definitely not something we publish to the public, but in private we turn to other resources. We walk the walk and talk the talk. It is, indeed, a fantastic and useful magazine to keep on your coffee table for planning itineraries, lively discussions, conversation starters, and, ultimately, it’s a terrific resource for finding dining destinations, things to do and hotel accommodations in Northwest Arkansas.

Please let us know if there are places (new or old) that we need to check out.

Last but certainly not least, we at the Best of NWA, Top 10 are thrilled to dedicate this issue to a very special little one, Ellaani Ophelia, who is destined to do Great Things.


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