Get Recruited For A Football Scholarship (What 12th Graders Need To Do)

football recruit bookIf you are a senior in high school, and you haven’t yet had scholarship offers, this book can help you find the college football scholarship you have been dreaming about.

For most high school athletes, the football recruiting process was started in the earlier grades, but there are many athletes that don’t have their breakout years until they are seniors. They may have been injured as sophomores or juniors. Or there are other reasons, but regardless of the reasons why you’ve just started to shine, as senior athletes, this is crunch time for you as far as the recruiting process goes. There is no time to waste.

While this book gives you all the tools you will need to go the traditional route for landing a college athletic scholarship, in addition it also gives you many other creative methods for getting yourself noticed by the college coaches during this your senior year.

It teaches you how to get the big picture and how to stay alert for opportunities that may come your way late in the recruiting process. You’ll learn how to sniff out opportunities for scholarships that your competition won’t be aware of including a quick way to get all your information seen by the coaches at a moment’s notice even if you haven’t previously been in contact with him.

You’ll find instructions on how to approach the coaches the right way instead of turning them off. You’ll learn how to create a professional looking athletic profile, and how to make highlight videos that will be watched by the coaches. And you’ll also find out how to put up a personal athletic website. You’ll learn where to post your highlight videos and how to be prepared when the coaches ask for full game tapes.

You’ll discover other options for you to play football in college just in case the big state university doesn’t sign you. You’ll learn the difference between BCS and FCS schools as it relates to funding football programs and what it could mean to your scholarship.

If you are determined to win a college football scholarship, this guide, written by college athletic scholarship recipients, will guide you through the recruiting steps you need to take as a senior. It is a month-by-month guide for your senior year that not only keeps you compliant with the NCAA rules, but it also shows you what you should be doing each month to be recruited to play football in college.

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