Mind Hurdles: Leap To The Top (Math Puzzles)

math puzzleDoes your child consistently make careless mistakes while working math problems? Careless mistakes are frustrating for everyone. Students, parents, and teachers alike all struggle with this common yet very correctable predicament.

Teachers and parents readily recognize the tendency of many students to rush through math problems in order to finish first. Conquering this baffling issue has been the subject of many parent/teacher meetings, but even more importantly, it has also been one of the most difficult and discouraging dilemmas that many, if not most, math student’s encounter.

For teachers and parents, the challenge has been to create practice math problems that could be presented in such a way that students would not only be intrigued by the set-up, but that they would also actually want to solve the problems. Research has long shown that students learn best when they are willingly engaged and they learn even better when they are entertained while learning. While math worksheets are boring, math games are fun.

Leap To The Top is just such a math game. With each problem, students are forced to do many computations in order to arrive at the one final correct answer. Any mistake along the way will result in an incorrect answer. After working only a couple of problems, the math student soon learns that working each part of the problem correctly is the only way to efficiently arrive at the overall correct answer.

If your child is dealing with this troubling careless mistakes issue, Leap To The Top may be just be the answer you are looking for. While every child is different, most math students benefit immediately from working the problems in this innovative book created by the respected gifted math professionals at Mind Hurdles.

Problems are arranged from easy to the more difficult, starting with simple addition and working up to integers. Third graders will have no trouble working the beginning problems, and seventh and even eighth graders will still be challenged by the more difficult integer problems.

Parents, you no longer have to helplessly agonize over how to get your child to avoid making careless math mistakes. Leap To The Top is specifically designed to help correct this common and troubling situation.

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