Mind Hurdles: Math Transformers Interactive Fun (An Introduction to Slides, Flips and Turns for Grades 2-5)

mh-cover--transformersUsing simple images that capture the mind of young students, Mind Hurdles: Math Transformers An Introduction to Slides, Flips and Turns for Grades 2-5, introduces big ideas, which are crucial to understanding higher math.

Mind Hurdles bursts on the scene with its dynamic Interactive math Transformers game, a game that leads young math students to real understanding of algebraic concepts. These concepts are painlessly learned when the student, by looking at entertaining pictures, identifies patterns of transformation.

Whether you are looking for 2nd grade math games, 3rd grade math games or 4th grade math games, math all transformers games are today’s major focus and a fun way to introduce young students to higher math concepts.

Better communication of your ideas to others is one of the huge by products of working with math transformations. Inquisitive young minds love working with transformations, and responsible parents can be confident they are providing their gifted math students a proven way to learn higher math while they are enjoying the game.

As with all the Mind Hurdles children’s books, its contents are overseen by the Mind Hurdles Advisory Board.

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