Mind Hurdles: Optical Illusions (Brain Teasers For Everyone)

small optical illusionParents, do you know that your child is gifted in math, yet are you having difficulty inspiring your obviously talented student to do more than just the problems presented in school? Fortunately, besides the old boring math problem worksheets given out in most traditional classrooms, there is an almost endless variety of ways that mathematics can be presented to unenthusiastic learners that will arouse their interest and make them want to dig deeper thus stretching and improving their minds.

Optical Illusions Brain Teasers for Everyone, created by our expert Mind Hurdles math professionals, is just such a book. You might ask how can a book filled with optical illusions help my child improve in math? The simple answer is that anyone, regardless of their age, is forced to begin to solve the illusion the moment their eyes see it. Optical illusions demand that the mind think. In fact, you cannot view one without using the brain.

Additionally, optical illusions immediately engage the mind and help to develop spatial skills, which are so critical to success in mathematics. If you are looking for a fun yet challenging way to improve your child’s math skills, this book of optical illusions will, no doubt, inspire and engage his or her mind.

There is not age limit to the benefits of solving optical illusions. Kids from the third grade up to and including the oldest grandparents will enjoy and love this book. It is the kind of book that gets dog-eared from being passed around.

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