Mind Hurdles: Preschool Games (Book 1)

preschool games book 1Not just another kid’s storybook, Mind Hurdles Preschool Games Book 1 continues its innovative tradition of offering creative interactive preschool games that are both fun yet challenging. Book 1 is packed with participation questions that introduce your child to rudimentary counting and sorting skills (numbers up to 10, big – little, what comes next).

Your child is prompted in a positive way until the correct response is selected. According to our users, among games for preschoolers, this preschool learning game is one of the easiest, fastest and best loved ways for children in this age group to grasp these beginning math skills. The material is so cleverly put together, that your child won’t even realize he is learning.

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NOTE: To ensure that your little one has the best experience, please use the INSTRUCTIONS (as this is a Kindle game and not a regular Kindle book, follow the blue links after the game starts ~ please DO NOT use the page back and forth arrows).

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