Beach Living: 7 Popular Reasons People Move To The Beach

beach living bookMillions plan their summer vacations at sunny beach destinations. However, isn’t actual coastal living an entirely different matter.  I have always dreamed of what beach life would be like for a permanent resident. Approaching the big 50, I decided it was now or never.  I armed myself with the best beach towns books I could find and started my search.

I started researching beaches. I thought anything is possible. So I started looking at coastal towns primarily in the United States. I was actually looking for the best beach towns to live in. It was so exciting. It was hard to narrow it down, but I finally developed a list of the best coastal cities. I was looking at my computer screen making sounds as if I was eating a box of chocolates. The ooh…awe, oh my, this is my favorite, oh isn’t this beautiful became common sounds.

I found there are many reasons for people moving to the coast. It isn’t always just to swim in the water, walk on the beach, snorkel or to simply listen to the waves crashing against the shore. I knew that I had enjoyed many of these activities when I visited the beach, but I never realized that these and other different beachfront activities were some of the primary reasons others wanted to relocate to a beach town.

I found 7 main reasons people love about living at the beach. They are as follows:

(1) Beachcombers – Includes those laid back people that just want to walk along the beach, smell the ocean air and pick up the sea shells. For these folks, there are many beach towns that would do the do the trick.  All they may want to do is get the best beach reads of the season and take a few strolls along the edge of the water.

(2) Water Lovers – Kayakers, kiteboarders, snorkelers, scuba divers – active water enthusiasts. Not every beach town lends itself to these particular activities, but you could get a good list from researching for best Florida beach towns or maybe even best California beach towns.

(3) Boating Group – Like to ride the ocean waves by sail, paddle, or motor, Where is the best beach town to live for this group of enthusiasts?

(4) Fishing Enthusiasts – People that love to fish the seas and shorelines. This list could include best coastal cities and small coastal towns.

(5) Nature Lovers – Folks that enjoy seaside birds, animals and critters that emerge from the sand. When you move to the beach, you should know that some towns have beaches that really lend themselves to enjoying mother nature.

(6) Lovers of Culture – Sophisticates that enjoy the arts with an ocean view. If you are lover of culture, then you probably won’t be looking at the most affordable beach towns, but will rather be compiling your list from some of the best coastal cities that have ample opportunity to enjoy the arts.

(7) Golfing Addicts – Golfers that crave the ultimate golfing experience of Scottish style links against a backdrop of vast blue water. Fortunately, there are many beach communities from small coastal towns to large beach cities that offer beautiful golf courses where you can play with the ocean as part of the permanent scenery.

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