Sports Camps: Guide To Kicking Butt At Sports Camp (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball & Soccer)

sports camps bookAre summer sports camps in the cards for your son or daughter? While most parents and student athletes know that the football summer camps, basketball camps, and volleyball summer sports camps and other sports camps do exist, not many people realize just how very important attending just one sport camp can be to the process of being offered a lucrative college athletic scholarship.

The fact is, that almost every high school athlete that gets recruited to play college sports has attended one and many have attended numerous summer sports camps during their high school playing career. The value of the university and college sport camps simply cannot be overlooked if a college career in sports is the ultimate goal.

Sports recruiting experts all agree that sports camps are a critical part of the recruiting process. While they do give the young athlete, either male or female, the opportunity to develop skills and improve performance, and they also let the athlete pit his or her skills and talents against different and sometimes more advanced athletes; the main thing they do is give the hopeful college recruit the vital college coach EXPOSURE they need to actually get recruited.

Unfortunately, many student athletes and their parents do not adequately prepare to get the most out of the athletic summer camps; they typically see them as just something to do in the summer. Such an attitude toward the sports camps is a huge mistake. Actually, attending just one sport camp and making a good impression could be the ticket to a college sports scholarship.

How To Kick Butt At Sports Camp shows you exactly how to make the most of your summer camp experience; it shows you exactly how to excel at camp and how to get the college coaches to notice you.

This little book shows you in simple easy-to-understand language how to:

Prepare for camp the correct way so you can excel easily.
Behave at camp to make a good impression on the coaching staff.
Take your friends with you to play college sports.
Take advantage of camp sponsored MVP scholarship.
Evaluate the different types of camps for maximum benefit.
Size up the sports camp coaching staff to take advantage of their particular expertise.
Pay for your summer sports camps in innovative ways.
Attend multiple summer camps so you can get a college athletic scholarship to play your sport in college.

Read this book before you make the decision to attend a sports camp this summer, you will be glad you did.

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